Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


Consumer Reviews

  1. Michelle Kaminsky

    I just bought a jar of your coconut oil and it is brownish at the bottom. I am concerned about eating it. Please advise.

  2. I was wondering if coconut oil ever goes bad. I just purchased a jar of Sonoma harvest brand, and it tasted very different than any other brand I have ever used. I have been eating and using coconut oil for over a year noaw and have never noticed this particular taste or smell. I became quite nauseous.

  3. why should I use s Sonoma Harvest rater than tropical traditions ?

  4. Justed used Sonoma Harvest coconut oil I purchased at TJMaxx in December. I noticed a strange odor when melting for brownies. The brownies had a very strange taste when done. Then noticed an off odor when the oil was heating in the pan for chicken I was sautéing. Could this be rancid from sitting on the shelf at the store? I have kept it in a cabinet since purchasing.
    I have used many different coconut oils and have never had this problem before.

  5. I love this product!

  6. Monica Cisneros-McBain

    Found thid product at TJ Max and have not been able to find it anywhere else locally. Its out of stock at TJ Max. Thank goodness I can order it online.
    Do you have deals for buying in bulk?
    Love love love this product.

  7. Is your coconut oil hydrogenated?



  8. I have used your coconut oil product. I am interested in using more of products in the future.


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